About Me

Hello, I am Tammy!

Also, I’m absolutely delighted to have you here.

Who who am I?  I am the lady with the mind that never sleeps, and I am always a little odd. I have an entrepreneur spirit, a do-gooder, and an amateur writer. I dedicate myself to helping others and following a good life.

Often, people wonder how I manage things I do. The reality is I have unshakable GRIT. Ever since I could remember, I’ve been coming up with ideas and projects or goals to tackle. I find much satisfaction in choosing a goal and seeing it through until the end. It’s how I learn and grow as a person.

I’m continually trying to learn how to be better at things that matter, like living intentionally, appreciating people, and following the path of helping others.

Some of my favorite things in life include our sweet daughter Charlotte, Brooklyn, NYC, frosting Chinese food, and the Full Moon.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit about me, my photos, and customized services.

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My email is tamelansmile@gmail.com

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