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A pet obsessive, writer, and generally your good neighbor that is all about helping people and the environment one day at a time through my work and how I live. And with this blog, I am committed to sharing tips, ideas, and opinions that will make life more fun. You’ll get a direct peek into my processes and the lenses through which I see life.

Learn, share, and thrive.


My personal blog is about me and my everyday life. It’s sort of the grabbag of all things me. I hope there is an article that you can use to help you or for you to get an idea (even if it is the opposite thought process than me.)

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I am a free flow writer so sometimes there is no method to my madness, but there will always be a story.


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My pet services are tailor-made for the forward-thinking pet owner that desires the best care and attention for their furry buddy while they are a way of time-poor. Driven by the passion for animal care and optimized by expert knowledge, my services are provided with love that will give you the complete peace of mind knowing your pet is in excellent and capable hands.

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